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A star screwdriver, also known as a Torx screwdriver, is a very specific kind of tool in which the head of the screw and the bit of the driver both are designed with the form of a 6-point star. Therefore, the bit needs to an accurate fit for the head to loosen or tighten the screw. In addition, the screwdriver would be able to keep and even pressure on the heaed of the screw, which means that there is a constant torque to the driver to make sure that there is no risk of “coming out” from the screwdriver.

1 – Hard disk drives

Closely related to a personal computer, a hard disk drive is basically available for nearly all forms of device, such as video recording. Those are often built within a case, which helps to protect the inside as well as prevent anyone from opening up the hard disk drive, and you will need a 6-point star screwdriver in order to remove this part. Even though a screwdriver is much more common, thus only those who need might look for it. In addition, it also ensures the pressure at all areas.

2 – Computers

If you are doing a lot of things on a computer, then you will need to buy a star screwdriver mainly because most of the screws in your laptop or PC tower are Torx ones. In fact, this is not for security, since so many people use a Torx screwdriver now that it could serve no purpose, even though that is probably the original reason. It is to make sure a close fit with the even torque. As a computer often has limited space inside, the fitting of the elements need to be accurate, and a star screwdriver would ensure this.

3 – Electronics

Have a look at your CD player, DVD player, and other kinds of electrical devices, you will notice that the more delicate components of them would need the best screwdriver set for electronics to open. In other words, it works as a protective tool, and means the driver could slip at all, but the continuous torque would make for a much better seal when you are joining 2 things. This accuracy can be really important for any electronic devices, so the usage of a star screwdriver has increasingly become common in the industry.


4 – Security

When it comes to the security, there are many features on a star screwdriver that could make the screw nearly tamper proof. For example, a variant is designed with a post in the middle of the screw so even a usual star screwdriver will not fit; it needs a special unit. The other one, which is often applied in engines of a car, is the external Torx. For this, the whole head of the screw is made with a 6-point shape, thus it requires a specialized screwdriver to loose it.

5 – Automotive

A screwdriver that provide constant torque and could not slip is especially suitable for the automotive industry mainly because everything needs to be properly fasted down at the right pressure. A start screwdriver can do this very consistently and quickly to the point where it has played an essential part of car construction.

5 – Construction

Since the star screwdrivers have been increasingly used, they has been adopted by many worker in a construction site. This is simply because the shape means that it would last longer than other kinds of screwdriver, and would also work more efficiently, which can make for considerable savings over time.

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