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Depending on the way we take care of our car, owning a vehicle can be a nightmare or a dream. In this article, we will show you 6 things that a lot of car owners often do that could lead to damage in their vehicle as well as cost them much many.

  1. Do not notice the check engine light

In general, if you neglect the illumination of the check engine light in your car, it can lead to expensive repairing cost and serious problems with the engine as well. In most situation, this alerting light would warn a car owner about a possible problem in the system, which might have negative impact on fuel economy.

  1. Fail to replace filters and fluids

In most car model, a wide variety of fluids are necessary to protect as well as operate the systems and other important components. Thus, it is highly advisable to check the levels of fluid frequently, alongside with the filters, so that you can be sure that your car would run dependably for a longer time without any serious problems.

  1. Ignore the tires

This is probably one of the most important thing that many car owners often ignore, thereby resulting in a lot of serious accidents on the road. Basically, the tires of your car need to be checked often for tread depth as well as inflation. If they are underinflated, for example, you have to replace them soon, otherwise the tires could wear out more quickly. As a result, this can have negative effect on gas mileage, safety and overall performance of your car.

  1. Not follow the schedule of a service

After using for a couple years, a lot of components and parts in your car can become damaged and wear out. Thus, you need to get it checked by a professional service routinely in order to keep the optimal performance of your vehicle. In other words, frequent examination and timely repair will help to keep a car operating efficiently will also help a driver to avoid facing any serious problem while moving on the road.

  1. Keep a dirty vehicle

In general, if you allow your vehicle to go for a long time without proper cleaning, it will result in the accumulation of damaging dirt, grime and chemicals from surrounding environment. As a result, it would increase the possibility for rusts due to road salt and interfere with proper vision that is necessary for safe driving.

  1. Be a severe driver

Whether it is heavy load, rough road, extreme weather or stop-and-go traffic, it could sometimes be challenging to limit severe conditions of driving. Nevertheless, you can drive in a smart way and improve the fuel economy by avoiding aggressive ride, including quick stops and starts; focusing on the speed limit; not hauling too many unnecessary things; and keeping the car properly tuned.


To sum up, as auto care is not always the top priority for a lot of car drivers, they would not notice that their normal habit are negatively impacting the safety, overall performance and even the value of the vehicle. For these reasons, car maintenance should be done frequently to save a lot of money, avoid headaches and protect your car investment.

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