The basic information and tips to use the best fish finder

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The world always improves and technology helps us move forward. Fishing is the same. Knowing that you require electric devices to make your fishing better is one thing, but learning how to control them efficiently and effectively is another.

Here are basic information of the fish finder and tips to use them in your boat. Then you can understand how your best fish finders work and operate them for the better achievement.

How does a fish finder work?

Before reading the way a fish finder operates, you need to know the basic information and types of the device available in the today market.

The fish finder basics

  • A fish finder offers the fish presence under the water and measurements of the water depth.
  • You can also determine all objects in the water through this machine, which couldn’t be seen by your eyes.
  • If you’re serious fishermen, you should update new fishing accessories in the market to support your fishing needs. Because of the competition between many manufacturers, you can find amazing modern devices every year.

The types of fish finders

  • Smartphone fish finder
  • Cartable fish finder
  • Portable fish finder
  • Fully network system device
  • Chartplotter
  • Chirp fish finder
  • GPS combo device
  • Simple standalone sonar unit

Although there are various types in the market, they only offer the same tasks. These are the depth measurement, the underwater object presence, and the water bottom structure.

60 years ago, fish finders only include basic features like a sensitivity adjustment, a power switch, and a range selector. However, the advanced technology offers much different information including the frequency, power, pixel, standalone or combo, color, and screen size.


A fish finder includes two main factors that are a display and a transducer. They are compared with the receiver and transmitter. You can use the transducer like the device’s ears and the screen is your extra eye to determine the underwater fish and other objects.

The transducer can be attached to the trolling motor or the transom through the in hull or hull. It uses electric signals to collect information about the distance and size data that are delivered to the display. The electrical waves from the transducer will pass through water and show technical images of objects that they hit. Then, the display will show the altitude, shape, and size of the objects. The exact weight and length depend on the frequency and power of your device.


This is the most important factor of the fish finder and it shows information about types and locations of fish, the bottom, depth, speed, and temperature of the water. You should read through menu system before controlling the screen features.

One of the main features of the display is the sensitivity setting. To adjust the power, you can combine different components into the sensitivity. The more power, the more attribute the image on the screen.

Another feature is the color and resolution. You can choose models with different color ranges from black and white to gray or other various colors. The more pixels of colors, the more quality image you can receive.

How to find fish by using a fish finder?

With a good fish finder device, you can know which objects are fish, rocks or vegetation. When seeing the display, you will find fish like an arch on the image since the distance from your transducer to the fish is innovated when your boat changes the location or fish swims.

Certainly, you have to understand the reading to catch your aim. When the fish hits the beam, you will see its presence like a small mark on the display. If it stays in the center of the beam, the center of the arch will curve up. If the fish move away from the beam, the distance mark and incremented becomes curve downward.

Basing on the advanced technology of your fish finder, the readings are shown as the spikes representing objects or seabed on a graph. These objects may be rocks, fish or any solid things under the water.

The best devices can pick up signals and show too little fish presence on the display. You can see differences between the fish icons and other object icons if you understand thoroughly your fish finder.

Owning a device can help find fish locations a lot so you can enjoy amazingly your fishing trip. Whether you’re an amateur or professional angler, you can also have a calm and fun day on the water and finish your trip with better results.

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