The journey of discovery Mekong Delta in 3 days

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From Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be, Can Tho, Ben Tre and back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Sign up for the famous Mekong Delta 3 days tour to feel its uniqueness from the pure daily life of the delta’s village to Cai Be’s well-known floating market. The people’s hospitality is amazing and there are much transportation such as boats for rivers and bicycles.

The first day from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be and then Can Tho (Including lunch and dinner)

Cai Be is our first stop moving from Ho Chi Minh City. We leave our boat at the bank of Cai Be Rivers to experience the freshness of the Mekong Delta where coconut trees, rice paddies fruit gardens are located. You may also be amazed by the variety of boats in different models and sizes in the water.

Shopaholics will find their heavens strolling in the local market remarkably organized on floating houses. You can find almost anything here from cottages to fruit orchards at such a low price. Only then will you see how lively and crowded the place is.

We continue moving to Can Tho in the afternoon where you stay with the local people, have evening and noon meals with them so that you can understand more about their life. Can Tho is where you end your first day trip.

The second day from Can Tho to Ben Tre (Including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

You move early in the morning to dive in the crowded atmosphere of Cai Rang floating market and the fertile branches of Mekong Delta.

Then we travel to Ben Tre, a province which is well known for its luxuriant fruit gardens, rivers and previous fortress from the Vietnam was built by Viet Cong. Bicycling along the Ham Luong River bank to admire its natural air.

When the sky is getting dark, learn how to cook like a native right in their cozy home and feel the warmth of a family meal. Save yourself some recipes of some dishes like delicious coconut cake, zesty sauce tasty spring rolls in case you miss the taste in the future. We then spend the night experiencing this calming life just like a real native.

The third day from Ben Tre back to Ho Chi Minh City (Including breakfast and lunch)

We start the day by boating along the Ham Luong River to learn more about the Mekong delta’s waterways and visit hamlets and lowlands by bicycle.

Finally, we pay a visit to mangroves and fruit gardens in a kayaking and meet up with the locals to taste juicy and delicious fruits of the Mekong delta.

Ho Chi Minh City awaits our return after a toothsome meal at noon. The arrival time estimated is about 5pm.

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More information

Physical movements

The schedule only includes walking and bicycling on easy ground and riding on the water in a kayaking peacefully. Therefore, the calculated time of physical works you will perform is:

  • Walking from 2 to 3 hours on the first day
  • Walking from 1 to 2 hours and bicycling from 2 to 3 hours on the second day
  • Bicycling from 1 to 2 hours and kayaking riding from 1 to 2 hours on the third day


  • Breakfast: 2
  • Lunch: 3
  • Dinner: 2

The food here is diverse and very delicious with dollish ingredients. You can find them in the place’s restaurants, local diners, and local villagers’ house. If you are a vegetarian, please remind us when booking in order to receive the most appropriate meals as your desires.

Transportation: Various ways of moving around including bicycles, boats, kayak, etc.

Tour guides


We have the most reliable and enthusiastic people who are very fluent in English or French.

Their knowledge about local customs, habitats is wide; they know how the Mekong delta is from the old days, the people’s ways of life and so much more.

Places to stay

Spend 2 nights at the locals’ house (Clean and cozy, mosquito nets included)

  • Groups from 2 to 5 tourists: each person costs 168 USD
  • Groups from 6 to 9 tourists: each person costs 146 USD
  • Groups from 10 to 12 tourists: each person costs 125 USD

The cost consists of:

  • Homestays
  • Transports
  • Scheduled meals
  • Guides
  • All gates entering fees
  • Permits

Travel insurance, drinks, tips, additional and personal fees are not included

Packings: suitable outfits for walking, bicycling and hiking. Sun cream, raincoat, hat is also recommended.

We hope you have a wonderful trip!

Oliver Nguyen from Viet Fun Travel, an American experienced traveler, has been visiting over 30 countries all over the world. She usually says that travel is the biggest dream of her life. Also, she is a great blogger. If you are a fan of visiting some interesting places, her experience is definitely your best reference.

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