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These days, golf has increasingly become one of the most popular hobbies all over the world, especially in the USA with more and more beginners playing every year. Some of those people think that just playing and practicing golf is an enough exercise for them, but it is not actually correct. In general, this type of activity does not only make you have better health if exercising frequently, but it could also improve a golf game. And who does not want to make their game improve?

In this article, we will show you top 10 tips for health and fitness any golf players.

  1. Stretch

During a golf game, you will need to make a lot of stretches, particularly your shoulders and hips. This is really important because you have to get a wide range of movements on the swings to achieve the best scores on a drive.

  1. Strengthen back and arm muscles

While the core groups of muscle are important, your back as well as arm muscles should also be in shape and strong because you will not want them to be fatigued when you are playing on the golf course.

  1. Work the core groups of muscle

During a golf game, you will use your core groups of muscle constantly to make a good drive on a ball. Therefore, the stronger the core groups of muscle are, the farther you would be able to drive a golf ball.

  1. Drink water

During summer, it often gets hot on a golf course, which would make you dehydrated quickly. Therefore, remember to drink and bring with you enough amount of water as deficiency will have a negative impact both on your physical as well as mental aspect of the game.

  1. Do cardio exercises

It would be exhausting and draining when you have to play the whole 18 holes as there could be a lot of walking going on. Therefore, always make sure that you are doing several types of cardio exercises a couple of days each week to avoid this problem.

  1. Work out your leg muscles

An important things that you need to know is that the main force behind a perfect drive mainly comes from the lower and core body muscles, not from your arms.

  1. Have a balanced diet

It can take you 4 or even more hours to play the whole 18 holes during a golf game, so you have to eat a diet which would provide you sufficient amount energy and keep you energized when you are playing. Otherwise, a bad diet would make you feel tired or even lethargic after a while. This does not only eventually make your scores lower, but also make you less enjoyable and happy in your game.

  1. Warm up properly

Always make sure to warm up your upper body, hips, legs, and core groups of muscle properly before each game. You will be making a lot of golf swings on the course and this will help to reduce the risks of injury.

  1. Mental training

Playing golf can be sometimes very mentally demanding, so make sure to keep your mind active even when you are not playing. This will help to improve your focus ability.

  1. Have good stance and posture

Not only would a good stance and posture help you with striking a ball, but it would also keep you from being tired and even probably from getting injured.

If you want to read more interesting tips and tricks to make you golf game more interesting, our golf site is definitely a perfect choice regardless of your level.

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